Summer Plans

With Katsucon out of the way, I can focus all of my energy on Momocon and Dragon*Con plans that are looming ever closer. I've decided on my Momocon lineup this year. I'll be bringing a costume I've already had finished for Katsucon (Utena) and will be making one new one: Tracer from Overwatch! I recently picked up the game since my husband built me a brand new PC that can handle more demanding games, and despite being really late to the Overwatch train, I'm enjoying it immensely! A friend of mine cosplays as Mercy (and looks amazing as her, honestly, not to mention is A+ at playing her too) which made it easy for me to decide on cosplaying with her. While I'm not too good with harassment-class characters, I love Tracer's design and character, and since she has a skin that I simply ADORE, it was easy to decide on what skin to make. Anyway, here's my confirmed lineup!

There are two other costumes I'm considering bringing since they haven't been worn to a convention yet, but that decision won't really be made until closer to the event. I'll also be running the Yuri on Ice panel on Friday of the con, which focuses on a heavy analysis of the show and the deeper meanings and symbolism of the characters and events in correlation to actual ice skating events. It should be a lot of fun!

I have also begun collecting materials for Amidala and have even sent off part of them to be pleated. I plan on documenting every single material used and the labor exerted on this project in order to create a very thorough write-up since those have been the most useful for me when it came to intensive costume research. Hopefully my write-ups will help others when it comes to them making costumes of their own!

Until next time!